Software Testing
Considering the Web or internet sites, client-server or other multi-tier applications, where a server application interacts with more than one client servers, in such cases Distributed testing holds maximum importance. Such applications are known as distributed applications. Testing of a distributed application that involves testing of its client and server parts, in which testing is done separately. Distributed Testing ensures smooth execution of test cases and eases the entire testing process.

Problem Statement:

Problems that the organizations face once testing is distributed, laborious period system. It is more specific in identification of the influences of distributions and of real-time requirements of the systems under consideration.
  • We have majorly identified six such fundamental problems: Organization, Observability, Reproducibility, Host/Target Approach, the traditional software test life cycle models were exhaustive, more on the lines of being informative, and thus they are not able to mitigate the quality and challenges which are reactive in nature due to separate involvements.
  • QA is aligned to project oriented rather than the organization oriented.
  • QA process is not transparent, thus creates high chances of confusions.
  • Failure to maintain a well-defined standard QA process, thus results may differ.
  • Most of the projects struggle with issues related to defect leakage and missed deliveries.
  • As the testing is distributed, the organization is not aware of new trends in testing. Thus, testing Team is not aware about new functionality released.
  • Environment Simulation and Representativity.

Our Solution:

  • The software deliverable is driven through a unique process which is enriched through a stepwise implementation of techniques, tools, artifacts and models that appreciates the unique standing of quality in terms of overall software delivery.
  • We strive to help web developers deliver a product of their work within the projected timeline, detecting any issues that might block successful operation of the software or even affect the user experience.
  • We have set our standards high, benchmarking the quality and optimizing cost variable for the overall software delivery.
  • One of our approach is to implement an End to End software quality assurance and control mechanism which is proactive and holistic in its approach and delivery.
  • We think from the market perspective and test application according to it. It results in a better understanding of comparators software in market and improve the features.
  • Our engineers work on the project together with other team members (product owner, project manager, business analyst, and dev lead) throughout the complete software development cycle.
  • System Testing however should cover all the possible “user-scenarios” but still UAT team is closer to business hence more aware about the actual business use cases.


  • Testing of a distributed application involves testing of its client and server parts, that involves separate testing. Distributed and simultaneous testing gives a way to test them all together.
  • Attaining the Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) and Project governance (Process improvement) based on pre-defined quality improvement standards and ensure that the IT delivery is improved, and wastages are identified and mitigated.
  • It would also lead to trickle-down effect on existing development, maintenance & support IT functions, leading to overall cost benefits within current IT set up.
  • Application itself should handle the support, problem management, training, handling escalation and change review implementation.
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