Softenger Transformation
Softenger Transformation: A Journey of Transformation (2016 – 2018) from Conventional HR Culture to Engagement Culture

The purpose:

The purpose of this white paper is to articulate the journey of the working culture from conventional to employee engagement centric. The change being brought out by initiating engagement practices which created an employee engagement culture benefiting three business ends i.e. employee, clients and Softenger as represented by our MOTTO –Strive to Excel.

About Softenger’ Business model:

Softenger is an enterprise IT Infrastructure & Support Services Organization committed to deliver quality services. Its focus is on providing value added services tour clients in the areas of IT infrastructure and managed services for the skill sets required to manage large data center operation covering majority of IT, Telecom, Manufacturing, Banking domains.

We Leverage technology to create best in class solutions for our clients. This further also stretches to our lines of business to the Virtualization –Cloud, Managed Services Testing and concludes to T & M Services.

Our story unfolds (established) in the year 1999 and grown gradually its presence globally to Malaysia and Singapore. Softenger is an ISO 27001 certified and EICC accredited by the addition of major clients.

It is a solution driven approach with a consulting mindset. The model which is clubbed together by adding an approach of providing enriched employee and client experience working with us. It is not limited to provide services in the form of skilled workforce but extends to ensure consistency in terms of longevity, excellence in delivery of performance in the form of an engaged employee.
Currently we are at 1200 + employees, 40+ customers with the major accounts in the sectors Telecom, Banking, IT, Manufacturing as NTT DATA, MasterCard, Reliance Jio, FUJITSU, IBM, SAP Sybase, Oracle, Aditya Birla Group etc.

Snapshot of prior HR Practices
  • Rewards and Recognition process
  • Open House sessions for the onsite & in-house employees
  • Email communication for Policy mailers
  • In house engagement events
  • Annual get together (KSHITIJ)
  • Training and Development programs for employees with monetary assistance
People Management

The HR policies and process have always been the stronghold of Softenger. The need of having a suitable structure of HR policies for managing employee strength of 1200 employees was the sole motive behind introducing clear and simple to understand policy and processes.

The need of managing the performance and relation with our employees opened the doors for effective employee engagement culture. The objective is to be the first in the league of also ran players/ competition paved the way, to bring the change in the ideology of the Management. Hence, this Transformation was a change management strategy with the motive to align People, Process and Technology initiatives of a company more closely to its business strategy and vision. In turn, this also helps to support and innovate new business strategies.

Steps taken to bring the change

Creation of a Business Enabling function within the existing HR function in the year June 2017, a dedicated employee engagement department with the objective to provide its efforts to align the employee’s goals with Organizations goals there by enriching employee working experience.

Business Enablers took the mantle for below strategic decisions:
  • Refining present best HR practices which will ensure to bring the engagement culture
  • Implementing those practices to cultivate the habit of living (Imbibing/immersing) in that culture 
  • Benefiting by those best practices to ensure satisfaction of employees in the form of an Enabled and Engaged employee 
  • Bringing the benefits of satisfied employees, clients and parent organization 
Initiatives launched
  • Defined the organization’s Employee Value Proposition – The benefits which employee derives besides the monetary, Profile, Technical advancement & Exposure. 
  • Introduced the EVP to our Employees and Clients to evolve the engagement culture
  • Defined the Softenger Engage-Enable Model and its drivers – 3 S’s = SAY, STAY, STRIVE  
  1. Motivation
  2. Feedback
  3. Communication
  4. Work life balance
  5. We care
  • Mentioned below are the Drivers launched to ensure Engage – Enable model outcomes.
Softenger Engagement Enable Model

  • Meet over Coffee sessions with Leadership – An opportunity fancied by the employee to meet the senior most leadership of the organization came into existence through this program. The best performer of any team nominated by the Reporting Manager meets the leader of the organization, allows the employee to receive guidance, directions and career mantras for delivering best performance. Changes the lookout for potential performance
  • Enhanced the Reward Recognition Program for greater reach – Simplified the process of evaluation by involving the HOD team under the tag of Team RnR – The involvement of panel of members where technical and non-technical aspects get assessed for simplified evaluation.

Introduced the feedback seeking mechanism- 
Seeking feedback/opinion/inputs of the employees is the key to provide better services to employees and clients. Introduced below platforms for these initiatives.
  • One on One sessions with employees – Quarterly basis
  • Open house sessions with employees – Quarterly basis
  • Exit interviews of resigned employees – As and when
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys – Internal and External
The feedback shared by the active and a resigned employee is an opportunity to reflect and see what and how differently an activity, a process can be implemented to bring inclusivity of all the parties for common use and benefits and for the betterment of employee experience.

The feedback of employees for the use and benefits of the EVP and day to day working experience got reflected in the Employee Satisfaction survey ran internally and externally.


Opened a different channel of communication to bring awareness of policies, processes, events and empowering the employees with power of understanding, below channels were being introduced for enhancing communication.
  • Emailers – Policy/Process and Health/Safety emailers at regular intervals 
  • EVP – Employee Value Proposition
  • Client & Department Specific Induction – For greater understanding of the role to be played at the specific teams 
  • Refined onboarding process – Taking a new joiner through a series of informatory experience of best practices of Softenger. Enriching the joining experience 
  • Communication to enhance the benefits/value addition made for both (employee and Employer) – On the platforms like Glass door, & Social networking sites: 
  1. Facebook:
  2. LinkedIn :
  3. Instagram:
  4. Twitter:
  5. YouTube:
  • Creation of a dedicated page to showcase the practices on the website.
  • Open House sessions – Regular interaction with the employees for interpersonal mode of discussion for understanding of various policies and processes 
  • POSH sessions – Empowering the female employees of the organization with the knowledge of compliance/statutory provisions of Prevention of Sexual Harassment of women employees at workplace
  • E Module of POSH – For ensuring a greater and timely reach for the provision of the POSH Act
Work Life Balance
  • Enhancing capabilities
This feature provides dedicated attention to ensure the technical and non-technical capabilities of employees are evaluated and enhanced subsequently. The training programs implemented which aligns the available and expected capabilities. The models of training like Online training, Learning Friday sessions by employees provides complimentary benefits like boosting the confidence levels of employees as well. Below programs were being launched
  • Leadership trainings
  • Ethics Training
  • Soft skill improvement
  • Introducing Fun activities for client site employees – Creating a fun culture at work for 1200 employees located at different geographies entailed a mechanism which will allow these employees to enjoy some fun moments/memories every month at client sites. 
  • Kshitij – Annual Gathering of in house and client site employees. 
  • Sharing a calendar of the quarterly activities with employees – This is to inform all In-house employees in advance for the intimation of all cultural activities, events for better time management and preparation
  • Sessions related with Emergency Preparedness and First Aid – Ensuring the awareness of dealing with situations which required attention to safeguard the safety and security of self and colleagues. These sessions are conducted on regular intervals. The awareness created by these sessions helps employees at the work and personal front as well 
  • Wellness Programs - We also arrange quarterly health check-up and wellness camps to ensure our employees are good health.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - The benefits received by working in a society must repaid back to the society in some or other form. This motto drives our efforts to engage our workforce to provide dedicated attention to arrange CSR activities which provides mental peace and satisfaction to all. Below programs are part of the calendar which takes place as and when scheduled
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Tree Plantation
  • Cleanliness drives
  • Supporting NGO’ for providing basic education of underprivileged children
Delivery of the Business Enabling team which led to achieve the results:

The BE team members act like Employee Experience officers and provides the efforts to create a better experience to the employees and other stakeholders. The objective is to act like a curator in terms of enhancing/enriching their working experience. Every act performed by BE team entails a level of satisfaction by the employees, client stakeholders and organization reflected through E Sat survey, C Sat survey and enhanced trust respectively.

Changed ideology of the internal stakeholders:(Reporting, Project Manager’, HOD’)
The internal stakeholders who were not exposed earlier with the latest engagement model being used by BE team, now are used to believe in its usefulness and effectivity. The same has been reflecting into their responses, interventions, and contribution to support/facilitate the engagement initiatives. The belief has only enhanced since last year as the client has taken the cognizance of these initiatives by acknowledging and wishing to be part of the same.

Changes brought in with the help of engagement initiatives:
 The change in the look out of employees/Management/Client’ transformed and translated into the below platforms:
  • Reviews of employees on Glassdoor  more than 70 positive responses for the experiences of the employees with the changed mindset
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey – We received Employee Satisfaction score of 3.7 out of 5. Against the benchmark was of 3.5 out of 5. The levels of employee engagement are 3.6 and Enablement as 3.8 out of 5. 
  • The belief of present initiatives and hope for enhancing it further by employees reflected through the feedback received and enhanced participation witnessed in various engagement activities
  • Increase in the number of nominations of RnR and Meet over Coffee sessions 
  • The expectations of clients to involve them in the engagement activities 
  • The inputs shared by client stakeholders to engage employees further by enhancing the skills sets of the employees at the client sites 
  • The visibility of the employees on the social networking sites & company website witnessed change with the active responses for the content 
  • Client testimonials – We received more than 10 client testimonials for appreciating our effort to engage our employees. This was witnessed through continuous sharing of Best Practices conducted at client sites on five consecutive quarters
  • The faith reposed by clients and employees encouraged us to run an internal Client satisfaction survey in the month of August (in process) this would be aimed at seeking the response of clients for the overall feedback for the services provided by Softenger.
  • Acknowledgement of other like domain players for the efforts put in by us – Enhanced visibility of Softenger in the market 
  • Finally, the acceptance of the belief of all stake holders (Management, Client and employees) that Employee engagement is not limited to arranging some mundane events but goes beyond that in the form of implementing all those best practices which aligns an employee’s individual goals with the organizations goal! 
Plan Ahead:

We do not wish to rest on the past laurels and wish to convey these changes furthermore by bringing the inclusivity of all sections for this program. There is a will and faith involved to continue & enhance the evolved practices and excel in relative areas.

Below are the plans designed to continue our relationship with the three ends – Business, employee, clients!!

Aspiration 2020 – Restructure, Reimagine, Re-engineering
  • Engage to Align:  Align employees with organization mission
  • Uncover Insights:  Interpret engagement results to drive outcomes
  • Embed Engagement:  Anchor the engagement improvement journey
  • Cascade Improvement:  Advise leaders and partner with managers
  • C SAT actual survey in March 2019
  • Actionable worked upon from the feedback received through E SAT Survey
  • QMS Certification
Goals set to achieve the plan:
  • Aiming for a C Sat rating of 3/5 (Internal – by August 2018) and 3.5/5 (External by March 2019)
  • Achieving business growth by adding few clients based on the belief of employee engagement practices and its use and benefits
  • Enabling our existing and exiting employees to put their feedback (On social media) wrt their working experience with Softenger allowing effective use of the same by other enabling functions such as Resourcing & Sales
  • Encouraging the client stakeholders to contribute in the engagement events such as Birthday celebrations, social events to create a value-added feature which distinguishes us from other players with the same client
  • Enhancing Employee sat ratings furthermore
  •  Enhancing the presence of Softenger’ best practices on the social networking sites and bringing inclusivity
  •  Cascading the present engagement model to the subsidiaries located in other countries.
Artifacts provided:
  • Softenger website -(Awareness)
  • EVP (Employee Value Proposition)- (Awareness) 
  • Meet over coffee feedback -(Accomplishment) 
  • E SAT Survey – (Accomplishment)
  • Glassdoor Company page - (Accomplishment)
  • LinkedIn Company page - (Awareness)
  • YouTube Company page - (Awareness)
  • Instagram Company page - (Awareness)
  • Twitter Company page - (Awareness)
  • Facebook Company page - (Awareness)
  • CSR Activities page on company website - (Awareness)
  • Softenger Best practices (Life at Softenger) page on company website -(Awareness)
Sample Mailers/Folder
  • Open House Mailer –(Process)
  • Policy & Health Mailer - (Process)
  • POSH Mailer- (Process)
  • Client Testimonials Folder - (Accomplishment)
  • BPS mail sharing to client - (Awareness)
  • One on One – Feedback shared with the Project Manager - (Process)
  • Exit interview process and analysis – shared with all PM and HoD’ - (Process)
Presentation PPT – Mails shared to clients and employees
  • Achievements of BE Function of 1year PPT -(Accomplishment)
  • BPS (Best practice Sharing of the last Quarter) PPT -(Awareness)