Softenger IT infrastructure

We don’t want you to ‘Out-source’; we enable you to ‘Right-source’!

Softenger operates in India, Malaysia & Singapore market to provide IT services of App Development and Testing (among others).
We see a rising tendency in our clients to demand resources at their premises to work on their project, or to go for the biggest brand if they have to out-source that takes a huge toll on their overall IT budget and quality & process control.

The reason clients insist on taking resources on their premises is to-

  • Have a better control on the resources because they can manage & control based on their physical presence
  • The sheer comfort of seeing resources physically present, gives them the satisfaction of the money being spent
  • They believe they have a better rationale and understanding of where there money is going
  • They do not have any specific project, so they can move around the resources if they have them physically present
  • They invariably have SMEs/ Architects/ Champs who thrive on these resources to handle projects they are responsible for (may lead to ‘take the credit-put the blame’ scenario)

We try to engage our clients/ prospects in creating virtual teams to handle any specify project or varied set of projects. We understand and appreciate their concern that-

  • If they can’t see the resources at their premises they aren’t always in a comfortable position to gauge their efficiency and productivity
  • Clients/ prospects have some discomfort in understanding the exact realization of the money there are paying per resource
  • In case if any projects stalls, they have some issue to figure out how to realize the per month cost they are paying, the issue of redistribution of resources to available project-work in run time
  • They sometimes doubt the vendor might be using the same resource for multiple clients, if the resource is not present at their premises
  • The SME/ Architect/ Champ the client has hired, wants the resources to be physically present so that he/she has a sense of having a team and have a sense of firm control
We entertain such request and further work to build upon mutual trust by delivering the work par excellence. We take care of each of these concerns and mitigate the same. We take into account the unique concern of each client and address the same.

But we also request the client/ prospect to be more aware and innovative to realize the best possible outcome for their project delivery and budget expenditure, by -

  • Focus on your core business and allow the specialists to take care of the aided business function
  • We (Softenger) are specialist in managing your IT stack and can do so at a hugely subsidized cost while improving the quality of your project delivery by a great set (achieving Cost- Quality differentiation)
  • We would engage your SME/ Architect/ Champ as they are your gate to understand your IT needs and fulfill the same, but:
    -Client/ prospects, their representative (SME/ Architect/ Champ), the project team (business owner) must realize that IT as an aided function should primarily focus on achieving the best result at the right cost
    -To achieve this we must have a partner who is adapt & focused in achieving the same
    -We must measure the success of projects by defining SLA and KPI
    -We must make use of Agile methodology and implement KANBAN to ensure all resources are accountable to assigned work items
    -We must ensure that we go the extra length to work over our EQ to make the best utilization of available IQs
    -We are in IT (Software) space, we must have the conscience and skills to measure the intangible (the success factor of the  project) along with the tangibles (project output and resource utilization)
    -We must figure out the critical success factor (CTQs) when it comes to resource availability, resource location & resource   utilization v/s per resource cost
    -We must aim to have precise logic to spend a certain amount per resource and see through the direct cost (paid per resource) and indirect cost (seating, assets, logistics, etc.) that add to overall IT project cost and drain the overall budget
    -Based on these consideration, we must ask our SME/ Architect/ Champ on why they must need certain resources at the same location (or all resources at the same location), their ability to utilize virtual teams, to make use of IT Frameworks of Agile, KANBAN, etc. to improve the project delivery and reduce the project cost.
    -Right resourcing means keeping the identified resources at the client premises (such as the SME/ Architect/ Champ) and those as virtual team (Developers, Testers, Agile Coach, tool support, etc.)
Ultimately the aim is to get the best project output at the most optimized cost, with just the right project control and efficiency.
This is the USP of Softenger. We aim to improve on the defined SLA/ KPI of your IT projects while optimizing the cost for each implementation.

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