Database Administration Support
Database Administration Support

Mountains of data, growing at increasing speed is both a challenge (How to manage it?) and many opportunities (To improve business processes, To better understand business environment). Businesses are increasingly adopting Database Management Systems and Relational Database Management Systems to handle these challenges and exploit the opportunities.

The DBMS’s and RDBMS’s require specialised management skills to ensure integrity, efficiency, reliability and availability. Hence Database Administration (DBA) function. Like System Administration, DBA also must have cross platform expertise to manage heterogeneous environments using database software from multiple vendors.

Softenger DBA services cover management of Oracle, Sybase, MsSql, Db2UDB database implemented in UNIX or Windows environment.

Softenger Database Administration Services broadly covers

  • Basic Database Administration
    Database Schema creation & Management, Capacity planning, Performance management & Query tuning, Ensuring Database availability, Database movement & migration, Backup & Restore databases, Ensuring data security & Auditing.
  • Database High Availability Capabilities Support
    - Oracle HA Solutions: RAC, Dataguard, RMAN, Standby Database
    - Sybase ASE HA option
    - SQL Server HA Solutions: Mirroring, Log Shipping, AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances
    or Availability Groups
  • Database Replication Support
    Most of the large environments, replication is used for performance & fault tolerance purposes, to ensure business data availability and consistency.
    Replication products offered by most of the database vendors help organize establish Synchronous & Asynchronous replication topologies.
    Softenger SMEs helps customers configure & support advance replication technologies such as
    • Oracle GoldenGate (Enabling replication between Oracle and Non Oracle databases)
    • Oracle Streams (Enables propagation of data, transactions & events within or across database/s.)
    • Sybase Replication Server
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