Backup Recovery & Archival BURA
Backup Recovery & Archival BURA

With the advent of technology large enterprises have transitioned from conventional File Servers to Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) that offer ease of management and consolidation, leading to cost savings by reducing management, cooling, and power. Consequently backup solutions also were evolved that offers fast backups and recovery as was offered by conventional servers.

Increase in Volume, variety and velocity of data has been accelerating at rapid pace and new challenges are being thrown for backup and recovery practices/processes being followed in enterprises.

Backup, Recovery & Archival has become critical function for every enterprise and help reduce risk and business downtime, lowers capital & operational expenditure, fulfil compliance needs, harness value of achieved data and so on. Backups help recover information and processes in current use in case they are interrupted, corrupted, or lost. Archives help discover details of information and processes not in current use, in case they become useful again because of some unanticipated legal or regulatory event.

BURA Services by Softenger broadly covers

  • Design of Enterprise Backup Strategy
  • Implementation of Backup , Recovery and Archival products
    • Symantec - Netbackup, Backup Exec
    • EMC – Networker, Avamar, Data Domain
    • IBM - Tivoli
    • HP - Data Protector (OmniBack)
  • Monitoring and performance optimisation of backup infrastructure
  • Migration of Backup Infrastructure
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