Case Studies
Case Studies

Case Study on “Outsourcing testing services”


  • Development function drives the testing and there is an inherent bias against the quality
  • Unable to leverage the true potential of Testing function as for overall IT enrichment
  • Cost optimization- through resourcing, responsibility distribution, cutting down on overheads
  • Inability to measure the true mark of quality achieved through dedicated quality standards
  • Inability to focus on core area of interest & expertise on IT side.


Softenger proposes an end to end Software Testing service wherein by making the best use of global quality standards and leveraging the experience and unique offering of our test techniques, we would ensure-

  • Improvement in quality standards on pre-agreed and continuously evolving quality standards measured through (software testing) specific SLAs & KPIs
  • Cost optimization by right resourcing and eliminating the overheads
  • Enabling a Software Quality standardization (through Softenger Test Efficiency Technique and Softenger Test Improvement Model) which can be leveraged across board
  • Business focus stays on the priority areas where subsidiary function of Testing will have shared accountability

Normally, for outsourcing any IT function in general and software testing in particular the concern is around two primary factors of business control and confidentiality. To mitigate the same, we propose-Business control- At Softenger, we focus on Business Driven Test Management (BDTM) principle where we drive the testing flow but at each stage we ensure that management is informed with all critical parameters so that they can take major decisions on what next and how to achieve the stated objective as well as adapt to unforeseen events.

Confidentiality- Every Softenger- client project interaction is done by signing Non-Disclosure Agreement for every Softenger employee who is working of/ is aware of client project details to ensure absolute confidentiality.

We work in the spirit of shared accountability as well as shared responsibility.

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Case Study “IT-evolution in Shipping domain”

While it is true that the modern shipping life cycle makes judicious use of IT systems it is also true that being primarily a non-IT domain (say, in comparison with telecom or BFSI domain which is entirely IT based) the evolution of IT took its own sweet time in shipping domain. Add to this the fact that big IT players were late to catch up the requirements specific to this segment and evolve their offerings to meet the same.


  • Lack of focused IT support
  • Big players lack customized IT products or support
  • Slow IT evolution
  • Ever-growing need to cut costs while ensuring IT evolution & stability is not compromised
  • Need reliable strategic IT partners to guide through the maze of IT partners/ vendors delivering on the IT components
  • Absolute hand holding required to ensure IT capital is optimized and building understanding of IT landscape management


End 2 End testing partner

Softenger can start as a consultant on the client's behalf on the agreed IT project and review and comment on the ongoing project whenever a CR (Change Request) is proposed by existing vendor for on project or any IT work related to it. We would ensure that the costing is 'optimized' and through proper consultation can guarantee cost reduction as well as improvement in quality of the deliverable.

This would be achieved through Softenger's unique IT/ testing techniques and process improvement models.

Test Center of Excellence

The major objective of Test Center of Excellence is to provide process improvements to our customer which will help our customers to minimize the ROI due to standardization of processes, helps in providing right product at first time and minimize time to market.

Independent test managed services

We take ownership of specified test activities or combinations of test case design and execution or test planning and coordination so on.

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