Job Code: SG308
Project Admin

Experience : 1

Location : Ang Mo Kio

Primary Purpose
Project Admin shall be responsible for the general administration and smooth running of a project office. You will assist the project manager to implement PMO procedures during the project life cycle and monitor project performance.
1.            Day-to-Day Management of Project Office
a.            Monitoring and Tracking of Budgetary and RFQ (Request For Quotation)
This will require the verification of user’s requirement as stated in the Non Standard Service Request (NSSR) to ensure that the users’ requirements are verified to be feasible before further escalation to the customer service office.
Candidate will need to have a good understanding of the Outlook email’s software functionalities and also the operation and business policy to achieve this task.
b.            Purchase Oder’s Verification and Tracking
On a daily basis, there is a need to download the relevant Purchase Order to verify that the Purchase Orders received are in order and correct. The Purchase Order will be uploaded to the Purchase Orders’ tracking system and updated monthly so that it will reflect the utilisation against the original Purchase Orders’ contract amount. On the last working day of the month to execute a script to extract the Purchase Orders that have met the threshold utilisation of 60% or two months before expiry date; whichever is earlier. After the data were extracted, to  execute a second script to generate reminder email to customers to send in a renewal and/or top-up purchase order.
Task also includes execution of scripts during month end to generate the Purchase Order Listing for all agencies as part of finance governance.
c.             Monitoring the Generic Mailboxes
Perform daily monitoring of the generic mailboxes to ensure that all queries, feedback and comments are attended. If information is available, to furnish preliminary responses covering the basic technical requirements.  Alternatively escalate to the next level of technical expertise if the case warrants it.
2.            Priority One Incident Communication Management
a.            Responsible for Top Priority Incident communication management whereby there is a need to disseminate broadcasts containing details of the identified top priority incident.
b.            Also responsible to respond to all queries pertaining to the top priority incident.
c.             As part of customers’ management; to furnish regular updates on the top priority incident as soon as updates are available.
d.            Assist in the review and/or preparation of the incident report and ensure submission of incident report for endorsement by customer within the project timeline.
3.            Project Management of Service Performance Report
a.            Responsible for the overall service performance reports’ submission and upload to online report portal within the project timeline.
b.            Responsible to perform high level random checks to ensure that there are no major variances in the reports as compared to the previous month.
c.             Where variances are detected, to work with technical backend team to identify the variances and do the necessary rework.
d.            Responsible for the execution of the scripts to collate the various service reports by agency level and to upload to the online reports portal.
4.            Billing Management
a.            Responsible for script execution to extract billing data for customers with multiple service subscriptions in one Purchase Order.
b.            Responsible for ensuring that all billing data are extracted timely to meet the billing timelines as stated in tender.    
5.            E-Filling Management
a.            Responsible as the custodian for all approved project documentations stored in the central depository.
b.            Ensure that all electronic documents are duly signed in and out to ensure that approved documents are properly tracked and handled electronically.
6.            Business Process Improvement
a.            To review current business process for potential gaps and works on potential enhancement to close the gaps.
b.            To work with assigned team leads to enhance the business process and to close the identified gaps.
c.             To ensure that all enhanced business process are duly approved and stored in the electronic document library.
7.            Liquidated Damages Tracking
a.            Be responsible for tracking all liquidated damages claimed and paid to customers.
b.            Ensure that the SOP for LD claims by customers is duly adhered to.
8.            Any Other assignments
a.            To take on any ad-hoc assignments as directed by the immediate supervisor.
b.            To work with project team to conduct team building exercises as and when applicable.
•             Able to converse in English & Mandarin.
•             Degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, or Engineering
•             At least two years’ work experience in a similar capacity.
•             Possess initiative and disposition with a strong commitment and orientation towards results and high quality standards
•             Ability to work independently and as a team member
•             Proficient in written and spoken English
•             Meticulous, detailed and accurate in the execution of the daily tasks
•             Ability to work overtime as and when required.

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