Softenger In House Testing Casestudy


Industries these days has unique set of challenges from the technology front and the customer demands due to its wide range of sectors. A good understanding of the business processes is a must for testing project. This will help to test an end to end business application. Some of the key concerns that companies face while implementing their in-house IT strategy across the OSS / BSS solutions are complex billing systems, high degree of integration across multiple applications and technology stacks, revenue assurance, reliability, availability and inter-operability.

Organizations maintaining in-house team for all software testing requirements, are prone to the following scenarios:
  • Productivity of the in-house testing team is less because of the friendly environment at work space.
  • Chances of biased decision are prone as both Development and Testing team belongs to same organization.
  • Chances of quality degradation arises in the later stages of testing as the in-house testers are not trained or certified.
  • Training the resources is time consuming with no assurance of desired output.
  • In-house testing is rather costly as compared to outsourced one. There are hidden costs including expenses on hiring, training people and supporting the full-time team even if the service isn’t needed at that moment.
  • No clear bifurcation of roles and responsibilities are defined and followed.
  • SLAs are not followed religiously.
  • RCAs would not be carried out using specific methods.
  • Domination of one team can affect the overall progress of the software delivery 
Our Solution Approach: 
  • Softenger has its own bespoke tool called as “SofQ”. This tool provides an end to end solution for managing an entire Software Development Life Cycle in structured manner. One can choose the models of SDLC as per the project / client need. No need to use multiple templates for gathering requirement, effort estimation, Test design, Coding standards, Defect management and so on. All the aforementioned activities or tasks can be managed in this tool.
  • Having dedicated testing team from us will give you a liberty to have great focus on your core activities, dedicating more time to your marketing campaigns, customer services and so on.
  • We offer certified, experienced and trained consultants round the clock.
  • Flexibility - the team size can be increased, based on the customer requirements.
  • We provide Core/flex team model to have optimized cost-effective solution
  • Our team offers faster adaptability, reasonable prices and flexible business models.
  • Testing an application requires more number of testers from the same domain as they need to handle huge amount of user data.
  • All end to end Test Process can be carried out using one-touch tool. Work on implementing an End to End software quality assurance and control mechanism.