In the market, IT Infrastructure is growing in complexity and becoming more process dependent. The complexity is a result of erudite hardware & storage devices, operating systems, databases, application servers, monitoring and governance control tools from multiple vendors and open source technologies. Such intricate situations are using of various software and hardware, new tools and techniques, matured practices and correspondingly expert resources.

Our IT Infrastructure services efficaciously provides customized service solutions to large enterprises for their mission critical business applications and IT infrastructure.

Our solutions are ranged to your business needs and crafted to uphold seamless, uninterrupted and managed operations. With our top practices, virtuous governance, wide-ranging experience and commitment to service quality, Softenger has been the GO TO partner for all the infrastructure requirements to an extensive range of happy clienteles.

What We Deliver ?

  • Server Management
  • Database Management
  • Middleware Management
  • Storage Management
  • Backup Management
  • Platform Management
  • Security & Compliance

What Makes Us Different ?

  • Customer centric approach with operative solutions to enhance performance, reduce risk diversity, ensure value creation and cost optimization.
  • Robust delivery structure and mature processes enable effective resource utilization, eliminate person dependency, allow proactive resource planning and build competences that expand delivery experience.
  • A unique ability to visualize opportunities to automate existing systems for higher efficiencies and deliver advanced process enhancements, new technologies or software.
  • Military execution by offering ease of ramping up or scaling down of resources according to the business needs in a cost-effective manner.