Why to Choose Softenger’s Enterprise Testing a Service & TQM System?

Why to Choose Softenger’s Enterprise Testing a Service & TQM System?

Advancement in digitalization, have created the necessity for organizations to excel in innovation & emerging technologies. To maintain the competency, there is a remarkable inclination towards a quick-fix solution & better turnaround time for improving the user experience. Software Quality is a qualitative indicator of success (business requirements expressed through technical know-how) but we intend to measure it more and more on quantitative terms to ensure we are creating new standards of customer satisfaction. It is an activity to check whether the definite results match with the predictable results and to ensure the software system is Defect-free. It also embraces execution of a software or system module to analyze one or more properties of interest. We have created an exclusive Softenger Test Efficiency Technique guided through Softenger Test Improvement Model (under IPR protection) that delivers Cost- Quality Differentiator. We implement & improve your software application on a pre-defined and mutually-agreed quality standard and perfect it with the overall cost of quality. This technique has been created to mitigate the challenges of a range of technology dependent business functions as well as the struggle of mid to small tier IT services offering organizations in serving their current market. It will also aid in the growth strategies and help optimize costs and improve quality standards. Our software testing offerings comprise diverse testing development phases of test strategy, test planning, test design, test execution, defect management, test environment management, tools and data management, test reporting, vendor, and stakeholder management, etc. Also, we use many global testing models like waterfall model, V model, agile methodology, cloud based as well as crowd testing for Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) doings. These offerings come as an individual or bundle software test work product to suit the unique customer needs for manual testing, automation testing, functional & non-functional testing/ performance testing, security testing, infrastructure testing, etc. Till date, our wide-ranging offering has covered arenas like Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Shipping, e-Commerce, etc.

Services Which We Deliver:

  • End-2-End Strategic Testing Partnership
  • Independent Test Managed Services
  • Test Centre of Excellence

What Makes Us Different:

  • Aid you as an end-to-end strategic IT/ testing partner
  • Ready to work on your ongoing IT projects with existing vendors (3rd party or in-house) and ensure that your continuous cost (being raised on current Change Requests (CRs) for your existing project) is reduced substantially while ensuring a corresponding increase in quality of the deliverable.
  • Engage with unique test techniques and process improvement models to customized to your needs.
  • Function as a Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) and Project governance (Process Improvement) based on pre-defined quality improvement standards and ensure that the IT delivery is improved, and wastages identified and mitigated.
  • Also, this would lead to trickle-down effect on your existing development, maintenance & support IT functions, leading to overall cost benefits within your current IT set up.

Benefit to Work with Us:

We create WIN-WIN situation for both the partners and provide skilled assets (resources vs assets) at optimized value, confirming minimal to no overhead cost by taking care of administrative outlay, etc. as well as expert service offering.

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