Best Software Testing Techniques for Your Digital Business

With the development in the digital field, it is inevitable for all the organizations to excel in innovation & emerging technologies. A great quick-fix and better turnaround time is a necessity for improving the user experience. Software Quality is a qualitative indicator of success (business requirements expressed through technical know-how) but we intend to measure it more and more on quantitative terms to ensure we are creating new standards of customer satisfaction.

Software testing at Softenger undergoes a unique technique which will enable a cost-quality differentiator. This can ensure that the quality of the software will be improved on a pre-defined and mutually agreed quality standard. One can achieve this by implementing the Softenger Test Efficiency Technique which is guided by Softenger Test Improvement Model.

The above-mentioned technique is created to mitigate the challenges of a range of technology-dependent business functions as well as the struggle of mid to small tier IT services offering organizations in serving their current market. It will also assist them in their expansion plans and help them keep tabs on cost and improve quality standards.

There are a bundle of services or individual software test work product to suit the unique customer requirements for manual testing, automation testing, functional & non-functional testing/ performance testing, security testing, infrastructure testing, etc. with the domain ability in varied fields.

Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE)

In Test Centre of Excellence, a proportionate offering is made to understand the project and identify surpluses in the same for any of your identified project areas. Also, we help to remove those surpluses at a much less cost than the overall cost to proceed with that wastage. The major aim of Test Centre of Excellence is to provide process improvements to the customers which will help them minimize the ROI due to standardization of processes and help in providing right product first time and minimize time to market.

Independent Test Managed Services

In Independent Test Managed Services, solutions are provided to the trouble areas in the existing test project such as defect management, test design, performance testing, test automation, etc.
Project ownership is acquired for specified test activities or combinations of test activities such as test case design and execution or test planning and coordination soon.

Reasons That Makes Us Different

  • We have an end to end strategic IT/ testing partner
  • Considering your ongoing IT projects with existing vendors (3rd party or in-house) and ensure that your continuous cost (being raised on current Change Requests (CRs) for your existing project) is reduced substantially while a corresponding increase in quality of the deliverable through unique test techniques and process improvement models of Softenger which will be customized to your needs.
  • All the world-class techniques have been chosen from globally recognized standards like OWASP which ensures top Security measures can be implemented manually with no cost.
  • Evaluating and prioritizing flaws in the application helps in reducing cost efforts as fixing vulnerabilities in initial phases is less costly rather than fixing them in the final/live phase.
  • Complying with OWASP Web & Mobile guidelines, and CIS Standards and industry-wide penetration testing guidelines.
  • Total Quality management with respect to security aspects is also done to make the Test Centre of Excellence for security testing more reliable.
  • All you need to do is connect us with your Testing requirements and we have a solution waiting for you.