Product Support Services

Does this sound like you ?

  • You are a small/medium software product company with a global customer base.
  • You are underserved by established IT service providers for your niche product support needs.
  •  Your product is ‘Live' or nearing launch with global customers.
  • You aim to have a true, dedicated 24x7 support capability while still maintaining focus on product development.
  • You find it difficult to create a true product support team due to the Niche nature of your product. Unavailability of skilled support resources coupled with high costs in local job markets.Being forced to use high-end talent (developers/R&D resources) to support existing customers.

We are a great match!

  • We train on your product in-depth.
  • Organize a true 24x7 support presence.
  • Develop a refined and robust Knowledge Management process.
  • Manage attrition-related impacts. Rehire, Retrain, and with zero impact.
  • Effective governance mechanisms to assess, measure and improve service quality.
  • Create a support organization that aligns and integrates effectively with the parent organization.
Resulting in:
ROI of over 30% in just 3-6 months.
30 - 40% reduction in support cost.
Cost-effective support.
Reliable 24x7 support.
Data-driven service quality.
Minimal impact from attrition.

What do our customers say

Customers leveraging this offering have shared amazing feedback.

  • Customers have segregated high-tech skills (developers/R&D resources) and product support personnel.
  • They have reduced operating costs by freeing up resources at high-cost locations.
  • Customers now focus on Product Development, New Features, Updated Roadmaps, and grabbing market share.


At Softenger, we value our resources. We are committed to delivering quality resources who understand your company’s needs and assist you with service offerings. The practices and open policies that we follow, and our governance structure, translates into the commitment of the resources towards the client.

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