Job Code : IBM_HDF_03540_21_1

Posted 6 days ago
 Job Profile : System Administrator, Solaris
 Job Location : Mumbai
 Experience Required :  3-4 yrs
 Job Description : The Deployed resource should able to perform the following activities and they should have Solaris 9. 10 & 11 OS & Server knowledge.

• Sun/Oracle Servers would be patched on as per valid patch schedule.
• RFC’s to be raised for the patching activities.
• Before patching health check of server is required & there is no fault & amber LED on server.
• Before patching every server needs to be restarted to check normal start-up of activity.
• Every patching activity has to follow a clean change record mentioning the server details, downtime from application team (if required).
• Data collection (like explorer) before patching and post patching to be completed and validated to see if everything is as per expectations.
• Take ufsdump backup of OS partition like /root /var /etc, excluding data file systems
• Unmirror rootdisk
• Collect the OS logs
• Check boot through both primary & secondary disk of mirror
• Boot with original /root disk
• Upgrade to latest patch which is available & as recommended by customer
• Reboot the server
• Review hardening and logs
• Mirror the /root disk post confirmation from App team & after 2-3 days’ observation.
• SOLARIS Patch Management team to follow the Patch Management Process Flow. 

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