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The need to stay competitive and profitable is compelling enterprises to find ways to maximize their resources and adapt to newer technologies to ensure business continuity. Customers are also demanding technology driven solutions which necessitates an agile infrastructure resulting from automation, virtualization, cutting edge and cloud-based technologies. However new technologies come with their own inherent risks as well as advantages and not all may be compatible with the legacy systems. In order to help customers take such critical decisions, Softenger offers Project based IT Transformation services as well as consulting. We advise and help our customers identify the technologies that are best suited for their requirements and we also take up projects that create and implement solutions that best leverage the resources available and address the real time needs of the customer.

We have achieved success in the IT Transformation Projects and Consulting space largely, because we believe every customer deserves individualized solutions. As the customers’ needs are dependent on business and scale of operations. We analyze the existing IT infrastructure as well as business and operational issues to determine if upgradation will actually contribute to savings in server, storage and network infrastructure of our customers.

Our offerings

Our project- based IT services are flexible and scalable upwards or downwards according to the customers business needs. We also offer services which include people, process and technology so that customer operations can be swiftly and effectively set up to function as an extension of their business and then gradually transferred to the customer.

Data Center setup
Implementation services
Server and desktop virtualization
Cloud implementation
Advisory and health-check services
IT Process Automation
Security advisory services

What makes us different?

  • Skill and understanding in a vast range of technologies.
  • Our customer-centric approach drives us to deliver efficiency in performance, risk diversity, value creation, and cost optimization. We see our customers as our partners, and we take every effort to step into their shoes before designing any solution.
  • We have an innate ability to visualize opportunities to automate existing systems and technically deliver them through process enhancements, new technologies or software.
  • We have flexible engagement models which can be tailored to meet the customer’s requirements.

Our Strengths

We have an in-depth understanding of the emerging technologies and how they interact with legacy technologies.
Solution architect
We understand our customer’s requirements and ensure that our solutions are tailored to their needs.
We engineer solutions which provide flexibility for the infrastructure to be upgraded and for it to grow over time.


Softenger teams work towards helping the customer achieve business objectives through the IT Transformation services while maintaining transparency, efficiency and quality with a smooth flow of work. Since we set up operations, we also offer services for maintaining them so that our customers’ business continuity is not hampered at any time.

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