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Creating a storehouse is considered as the mitigation of a catastrophe. In ancient times, aborigines had the practice of storing the grains in earthen pots. It was considered to be safe seed storage as well as a means to prepare them beforehand, for any risk.

Storage Management plays a similar role in the modern technology of bits and bytes. If data is managed and stored effectively then it can be accessed quickly when any catastrophe strikes. The efficiently stored data can be used as reference material

Softenger understands the pre-requisites of managing the storage, in the present era of technology. We provide efficient solutions to maintain the storage of an organization coherently. According to the need of your organization, we prioritize the Storage Management Services.

Softenger has over 20 years of experience in providing Storage Management Services to the companies across south, west, and southeast Asia.


At Softenger, our resources are significant for us. Our quality resources can comprehend your company’s needs and assist you with appropriate service offerings.

Our experts help you to design a new storage system for your organization. We are efficient in migration and up-gradation of the storage as per your business requirements.

Assessment Services

Assessment Services

Storage Transformation

Transformation Services

Storage Managed Services

Managed Services


Regulatory Compliance and Security Services

Assessment Services

Capacity Planning

Storage of an organization depends on Input Output Per Second (IOPS) requirement and/or space requirement. Critical applications need higher performance.

Our capacity planning emphasizes on two factors:

  • Complete storage
  • Performance


We provide the interlinked combination of IOPS and the size of the disk for the smooth running of the applications.

Solution Designing

Softenger experts/ consultants offer in-depth assessments and provides a detailed report and help you to design the best possible solution which will meet your storage requests.
After assessment Softenger experts design a data storage solution to best suit your storage needs.

Transformation Services

The Storage Transformation is the first step for the ideal data management transformation and it provides an understanding of the benefits, scope, scale, and critical success factors of a data management transformation

Storage Installation and Configuration

At Softenger we will facilitate an exploration of data management transformation journey to business-aligned visions, aligning your specific situation and your experiences in Data Management, Transformation and End to End Data Protection

Storage Transformation Benefits:

  • Transform your business and increase opportunities for value creation
  • To make business and IT strategies decisions

Storage Migration and Upgradation

Storage system migrations and upgradations, empower business organizations with opportunities to accelerate their agility, enhance their growth, and determine their business priorities.

We at Softenger:

  • Extend profound solutions, to organizations, for enhancing their capacity through efficient migration and up-gradation services.
  • Ensure faster performance and dynamic scaling along with improved data management features.

Managed Services

Storage Administration

Storage administration empowers the optimum performance of storage systems and storage technologies.

We provide storage administration for:

  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS)


We efficiently manage a variety of storage equipment according to the delivery and space requirements.
We provide solutions in terms of disk type, disk version, Input Output Per Second (IOPS) delivery model, and quality of disk.

Backup and Recovery

Our experts are involved from the initial phases of the backup planning. After gathering the client’s requirement, our experts design the policy for back-up and recovery. We deploy, configure, backup, and recover the data.

Backup can be provided according to the following schedule:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly


If there is a loss of data due to some unavoidable circumstances, the storage arrays can recover it to some extent. We can make the backup and recovery of data that is lost during adversity.

Two of the most important aspects of disaster recovery are:

  • Recovery Point Objective
  • Recovery Time Objective


We enable the best possible tools for our customers to recover their storage.

Our approach for the same is:

  1. We check out the capacity of the array to recover the data.
  2. Then we apply the OEM practices.
  3. If the data loss is greater, we become the mediator between the customer and excellent data recovery professionals like Stellar.

Storage Monitoring

The monitoring of the storage system is done periodically to enhance the effectiveness of storage devices.

  • We provide consistent monitoring of devices so that the failure could be avoided and hardware problems can be detected at an early stage.
  • We facilitate efficient storage implementation for our customers. Monitoring tools provide notifications and security alerts, if there will be any possibility of mishap.
  • Our team of experts is capable of tracking performance measurements across all storage arrays to assist with consistent monitoring and diagnosis.

Regulatory Compliance and Security

Regulatory compliance and security in storage management refers to information access, processing and storage mechanisms designed according to regulations governing their respective data types.

The Benefits

Leveraging the cloud technologies for Storage
Optimizing the organization's IT infrastructure
Scaling the computing costs

Do you need solutions for storage optimization, management and transformation? Get in touch with us.