Server Management Services


Server computing has evolved over the years for providing high performance and low maintenance. Newer technologies have made it possible making it important to identify right options to implement and manage further.

Managing a server effectively is a key element of computer technology. When you think about the words like globalisation and virtual communication, server plays a crucial role. So, it is necessary to manage the servers effectively.

Softenger provides services for server selection, disaster recovery, network protection and more. Our main focus is to provide server management services, which keeps your business competent. We offer server related services for Windows, Linux, and Unix based environments.


Our perfect combination of employees makes a perfect organization. Softenger has focused in building a competent team of experts.

Our server support team will help you in selecting the right server, which will best suit your business requirements.

Our Offerings

Build and Transformation Solutions

Planning and Designing

Server Sizing and Selection

Selecting the best-suited server can contribute towards the organisation growth. In server sizing and selection, our approach is to collect the Business Requirement Document (BRD) and select the best-suited server for your business. We gather the end-to-end business requirement from the stakeholders. Based on our experience, we design the best solution along with the right set of hardware and resources.

Defining Server Strategy (Virtual/Physical)

Server strategy can greatly increase server utilization and efficiency by matching server characteristics and organisation’s workload. While defining server strategy, consultation on virtual and physical server is provided. Server related information is collected from each business department as well as from the different stakeholders. Considering this information and the business need, we define whether it should be a virtual server or physical server.

Server Deployment Strategy

We develop our server deployment strategy by understanding your current deploying environment. Our team understands the need of the servers, and requirement of computers and CPUs for performing different functions and understands your server hosting strategy. Centred around these inputs, we plan and deploy the server build.

Planning Server Upgrade

Upgrading the server on regular intervals improves the server performance, efficiency and server reliability. We plan server upgrades by studying the current version of your server. Our experts can efficiently identify issues in your current business environment, and plan for server upgrade accordingly.

For planning server upgrade:

  • We study server capabilities for minor and major upgrades, and accordingly, testing and strategy can be planned.
  • All the interrelated dependencies for the applications installed in the system are checked, and server upgrade is planned accordingly.

Designing of IP Configuration

In designing IP configuration our approach is to collect BRD from the organisation.
We do a comparative study of your industry standards and requirements. With the help of that, and our experience, designing can be done. We develop multiple solutions for designing, then select the best-suited solution for your organisation.

Our experts work on:

  • Address management solution
  • Name resolution
  • Active directory domain services forest

Planning Storage and File Services

In the larger environment of multiple users, it is not feasible to store and access files from one system. To resolve this issue, common storage and file services are offered. These services can be accessed from anywhere within the network. We suggest our clients to keep their files in a storage location. Within this framework, we plan what kind of storage and file services are suitable for the requirement.

Designing Network Protection

Network protection is the key point of any organisation. A good network protection design can help your organisation to deny unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Our network protection focuses on:

  • Designing network protection which will best suit your organisation.
  • Ensuring that your system will not be available as a shared device.
  • Setting up a monitoring system to keep track of all the accesses. These accesses can be monitored, and justification can be given against unauthorized access.

Designing and Implementing Remote Access Services

We provide remote access services keeping in mind the server’s vulnerabilities. Our remote access services are highly focused on our client’s need and the nature of the business. Working with highly secured tools for the confidential data of your business dealing is part of our work. For other businesses dealing with the non-confidential data, we offer low-cost software which will serve the same purpose.

New Build and Migration

Initial Server Setup

Initial server setup increases the security and usability of your server and gives you the solid foundation for subsequent actions. We provide initial server setup including installing and configuring Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems, along with specific roles and components like, web server, mail server, database server, file server, DNS, and so on.
In case you have already designed and configured the server setup strategy, we can help you validate the server setup.
If you need any additional software to be installed along with the initial build, we will install the software and configure the base level parameter followed by advance level configuration. Clustering of server for HA can be built as per designing

Initial Server Hardening/Security

Server hardening/security measures can help your organisation to tune the operating system and prevent unauthorized accesses.
Our server hardening/security services focuses on:

  • Operating system security patches
  • Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) hardening
  • Securing your mail/database server to avoid spamming and intrusion
  • Disabling dangerous scripts

These services are based on industry-based standards.

Disaster Recovery Plan for Servers, Replication and Sizing

A good disaster recovery plan helps businesses to avoid catastrophic data loss.
Our replication services can help your organisation to maintain the copy of your data in a separate server. To avoid data loss, we define high-level solution based on your business need and business nature. Depending on your organisations data storage strategy, we plan for sizing.

Compliances and Audit Services

After securing the server initially, regular server security, and audit services can also be provided to ensure that there have been no loopholes/intrusions in the server. In audit services, we address new security alerts, review firewall settings, event logs and more.

Managed/Remote Support Services

Remote management is provided for the Windows, Linux, and Unix based environments and servers. Our remote support services help your organisation to minimize on-site visit cost. We follow the best practices to manage the performance of your server.

Following are the services provided by the Softenger in remote support services.

Availability and performance management

We ensure the availability of server and manage the performance of your server to minimize downtime. Server performance is monitored by managing operating system and keeping the required software updated.

System security management

To prevent your system against unauthorized accesses, we provide regular audit services. Our system security management includes firewall installation, server hardening, system monitoring and so on.

Incident, change, and problem management

Problem management involves activities required to diagnose the root cause of server incidents. Our team can help your organisation to take appropriate steps to resolve server incidents.

Back-up management

Back-up is the preferable measure to protect your business against catastrophic data loss. We ensure your organisation’s data reliability by taking backups on regular intervals. We employ proper disaster recovery plan to avoid data loss.

Hardening and patch management as per compliance

We conduct hardening and patch management to remove the vulnerabilities in your server. Our services are highly focused on the operating system security as per compliance.


Softenger can support different industry-based server related technologies as a part of server management services. Given below are the technologies we support.

  • Server: IBM, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Cisco, VMWare, Nutanix, EC2, etc.
  • Server OS: Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.


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