OpenStack-13: Design & Deployment using TripleO

OpenStack-13: Design & Deployment using TripleO

Problem Statement

Design & Deploy OpenStack 13 release, with overcloud and under cloud model (Triple O)

Client Challenge Statement

  • Our Client is a digital technology company specialized in optical fibre and cables and offer bespoke integrated solutions for global data networks. Customer having the technology centre in Ahmedabad where 700-800 Researchers carried out the research on various technology like AI, DevOps Blockchain and many more related to Telecommunication network.
  • The main objective of this project is to transform the current platform to industry-standard platform for an easy handshake, utilize existing hardware, implement a cost-effective solution with automation and to overcome operational challenges

Short Summary

  • The Client is the world largest integrated manufacturer of optical fibre, optical fibre cable and data cable with the facility in India, China, Italy and Brazil.
  • Our client is the leader in the system and network integration for BharatNet, Smart Cities, Defense and Home (FTTH).
  • Next-gen software solution provider enabling enhanced customer experience and easy monetization.
  • The deployment of an open stack will help to overcome the operation challenges like Multiple Management tools, Greater Provisioning Time, In-appropriate resources utilization, No policy/Monitoring for the resources ageing, unable to track the resources utilization w.r.t projects

Softenger Methodology

  • Softenger experts first mapped the plan and worked with the customer to design the solution.
  • Softenger experts prepared the LLD
  • Implemented the various component of OpenStack like Director, Controller, Compute, Swift, Cinder, Ceilometer, Dashboard, horizon, Keystone, MangeIQ.
  • The team encountered major challenges with the Hardware because at the time of the design there was no option available to select the compatible hardware, as the customer already had old hardware and we need to repurpose the hardware for OpenStack. Also, Storage used for the Cinder is not compatible as per the Red Hat HCI but team wrote the customer container and docker to work with OpenStack 13.


  • The outcome of this project was the successful deployment of Openstack13.
  • That’s how TripleO deploys an OpenStack cloud used to deploy other OpenStack clouds.

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