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In this digital era, different technologies in network security and management are being adopted by companies around the globe. Though people are oblivious to it, the network exists everywhere. The latticework of the network is elaborate and ever-expanding. It runs across continents, crosses the oceans, hides in plain sight in the urban jungle, and can even reach up to your doorstep. Phone calls, internet, emails; almost everything you need to communicate requires network connectivity. People never focus on how the networks connect us, but only on the services and technologies that it provides.

At Softenger, we offer an intelligent gridiron of network service solutions for your business needs. Softenger has over 20 years of experience in providing network services and security solutions to companies across south, west, and southeast Asia.

Softenger is a vendor-neutral service provider who has received multiple accolades for excellent services. Partnering with technology leaders, Softenger has a triumphant journey spanning over two decades. We pride ourselves on establishing long-term relationships with our clients.

Softenger Network and Security offerings are broadly divided into 3 categories

Assessment Services

Assessment Services

Transformation Services

Transformation Services


Managed Services

Assessment services

Assessment services analyze and re-address the causes and risk factors of known security gaps in your company.
Security assessment services help you to

  • Understand current risk with respect to leading practices and compliance requirements.
  • Reconcile current infrastructure with your appetite for risk.
  • Document existing controls and security efforts.
  • Identify and quantify risks to your information assets.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current defences.
  • Examine weaknesses from the perspective of the attacker.
  • Align your IT risk management programs with your security and business goals.
  • Identify areas of operation where the risk to your organization may be too high.
Our Offerings include:
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
Firewall Auditing
Compliance Assessment
Security Metrics

Server Hardening, AD groups and policy implementation, Network design.

Transformation Services

Transformation services enable enterprises in building a smart & secure Infrastructure with expertise in threat intelligence

It Helps you in either of the following:
Architectural change
Expansion or consolidation

1. Softenger provides solution planning and designing.
2. We will help you in Budgeting
3. Implementation of wide range of network and security devices like switch, routers, load balancers, firewalls, UTMs, etc.
4. Handover to BAU team

Managed Services

Managing IT security with different models of management with employee engagement.

Our Offerings:
Provide Human Resource
Teams of resources with various skills are deployed onsite for network administration and monitoring.
Consulting (Solution architect)
Our expert team will ensure to keep your business functional without any disturbance in your Networks and ensuring Security as well.
Monitoring Services
Softenger assures proactive monitoring of network and security devices (NOC and SOC). We monitor NOC and SOC 24/7 and provide technical assistance. The flexible business model of Softenger offers its customers onsite, remote, and shared resources.
Network Management
1. Maintain up-to-date network diagram 2. Maintain switch and WAN device configuration and backup 3. Fix problems reported on time 4. Provide support with WAN and switch management 5. Port configuration 6. Policy configuration on devices such as access lists, VLANs, etc. 7. OS and firmware upgrades and fixes 8. Routing configurations (Static and dynamic routing) 9. QOS and bandwidth / Performance optimization 10. Design, re-architecture, and recommendations

Why Softenger?

1. Exceptional services for over 20 years
2. Lowest client-loss ratio
3. Adherence to the BDT model: Build, Deploy, Train
4. In-house solution architecture
5. Improvements in the performance of the devices
6. Secure infrastructure
7. Cost optimization and proper solutions
8. Better ROI
9. Customer satisfaction is our key objective. We acknowledge your importance.
10. We assist in protecting and improving your business through our consult and services.
11. We do strategic planning to meet organization requirements and contingencies.
12. We ensure secure infrastructure, tactical cost optimization, better Return on Investment, and proper solutions catering to superlative customer experience.
13. We obtain prerequisites from the clients, document their requirements, and supply solutions on network expansion plans to facilitate their business requirements.
14. We do remote network monitoring and management of entire network, including all devices like routers, firewalls, VLANs, VPNs, etc.
15. We enable organizations to optimize the efficiency of their network infrastructure by reducing network outages, improving throughput, and optimizing resource investments.


At Softenger, we value our resources. We are committed to delivering quality resources who understand your company’s needs and assist you with service offerings. The practices and open policies that we follow, and our governance structure, translates into the commitment of the resources towards the client.

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