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The turn of the millennium saw an upswing in the usage of the internet. As the internet grew, so did the data. Innovative ways of data storage were invented. Decades later, with the development of the internet, humanity was introduced to Artificial Intelligence, data progressed into Big Data, and data centers evolved into Cloud computing. Cloud computing delivers services over the internet, including storage, servers, databases, software, analytics, and networking.

At Softenger, we provide your business with state-of-the art cloud architecture, strategic management, migration flexibility, and workload resilience. With our remote support and management, we keep your business up and running 24×7.

We focus on the following parameters

  • One-time implementation of any change
  • Operating the stable environment for further usage


The cornerstone of every organization is its employees. We pride ourselves in having a team of people with the right mix of professional skills. Our highly driven team is largely divided into two categories.

  • The Solution Team which analyzes, plans, and designs your cloud requirement, designs the solution, and provide consultancy services.
  • The Delivery Team which implement, transform, or migrate your business to cloud.

Our Offerings

Build and Transformation Solutions

Planning and Designing

Consulting for the Cloud Adoption to the Organization

We excel in developing the optimal cloud computing strategy to help with your business technology decisions. Our end-to-end platform solutions are efficient, cost-optimized, and scalable. Understanding the customer’s requirement and solutioning customer challenges are what we do best. We consult on,

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Data Center as a service (DCaaS)


Planning and Designing for Building Private Cloud

While designing the private cloud, we cater to your hardware sizing requirements, end-to-end connectivity requirements, networking requirements, and design the network infrastructure. Designing, planning, and building a private cloud is in adherence to customer specifications. The following orchestration systems are used for building a private cloud.

  • OpenStack
  • VMWare
  • Nutanix


Workload analysis and Discovery of Cloud Adoption

The assessment and analysis of customer workload is done according to business technology requirements. We guide our customers in adoption of secured cloud to mitigate challenges, achieve scalability, and reduce cost.

Below is Softenger’s approach for Workload Analysis,

  1. Information gathering
  2. Selecting suitable infrastructure model
  3. Evaluation of cost on Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditure (OPEX)
  4. Designing a migration plan without/optimal downtime
  5. Smooth execution of migration
  6. Documentation and training

New Build and Migration

Building the on-premise Private Cloud

We are accomplished in building on-premise private cloud that gives flexibility and security. Private clouds are equipped with features of the cloud within the data center irrespective of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We can build infrastructure from scratch or we can modify existing infrastructure to another.

Configuration and Migration of various SaaS product

Our cloud-based migration to SaaS, focuses on automation and optimization of products like data portability, improving virtual workload, mailing services, information security, and management tool.

On-premise Workload migration to Public Cloud

Our competency in workload migration from on-premise to cloud include database migration services, upgradation and colocation services, application migration services, and hybrid cloud architecture services.

Compliances and Audit Services

Once planning, designing, and migration is complete, the solution team hands over the compliance infrastructure to the managed services team. We also assist our customers to keep their IT Infrastructure compliant to the standards they adhere

  • We analyze the security policies and do stringent compliance assessment.
  • We ensure that the IT infrastructure is compliant as per Government standards.
  • We audit the business compliance policies for data protection, data privacy, and data localization.
  • We assess your IT infrastructure for compliance and mitigates the gaps that are found.
  • If you have your infrastructure ready and want it to be evaluated for compliance, Softenger can do that for you.

Managed/Remote Support Services

The Managed team ensures the smooth operation of the infrastructure. We follow the best management practices. Adherence to best management practices set us apart from our competitors.
Remote assistance is given as per the needs of the customer resulting in smart decisions, quick resolution of issues, and faster recovery time.


Provisioning includes all operations that is required to build a new server or a new machine. Our capabilities to deliver or automate in-time system provisioning, helps to pass on cloud benefit directly to the system user at the customer end.


We extend our role in services to monitor the cloud, whether it is operational as expected or within given limits. Our resolute support team monitors and keeps your business running 24x7. Our customers also benefit from Committed Response Time (CRT) and on-call support to resolve their issues and achieve targeted SLAs.


Our team of respective technology experts ensure troubleshooting within the agreed response/resolution time. We identify the challenges and take care of standard operations within the IT infrastructure services. We follow standard ITIL processes of incident or problem management within systems.


The automation services for customers adopting the cloud are server management services, network management services, and user management services.

Types of Cloud

We help you identify the right cloud technology and model for your functional requirements.





Being a purely service-driven organization, Softenger can support all the major available cloud technologies as a part of its services. Given below are the standard technologies we use.



Google Cloud

Open Stack




Vendor-neutral service-based organization
Identify the right cloud technology and model
Flexible, quick, accessible, optimized cost
Follow best management practices
Suggests what is the best for customer

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