Successful Migration of Data Centers with Minimal Downtime

Migration of Data Centres

Problem Statement

Consolidate and migrate Data Centers from one location to other due to restructuring of IT Infrastructure.

Client Challenge Statement

  • Our Client is an international healthcare service provider. As a part of the client’s IT strategy, they wanted to move their workload to another location.
  • Our Client was looking for an impartial trusted partner to help them through this project and Softenger India Pvt. Ltd act as their Project Manager on the Data Center Migration
IT Infrastructure Work Load Diagram to showcase Virtual Machines, Databases, Business Applications and IT Infrastructure Management Operations.

Short Summary

The client is a provider of diagnostic and related healthcare tests and services in India. They built a national, 'hub and spoke' network that includes its National Reference Laboratory in New Delhi, Regional Reference Lab in Kolkata and other clinical laboratories, service centers all over India.

When the client emerging as a leading healthcare provider in India, they took the opportunity to move their workload to other location and as a solution the hardware design has been prepared on unified computing platform i.e Cisco UCS hardware without disturbing his current infrastructure.

Customer having multiple customized developed application with MS SQL and ORACLE Databases.

The applications are categorized into three categories infrastructure, CRM and Business applications among the business applications are very much critical.

The workload consists of 200+ virtual machine, 15+ databases with almost 20+ Business critical application, 15+ infrastructure management application.

Softenger Methodology

Softenger experts first went to work to identify everything installed in the data centers, their owners, configurations, connections and purpose.

Softenger worked with customer and Tier1 SI to design the solution for new DC build by considering the future business demand and expansion of the business.

Softenger experts build the infrastructure like Hardware racking stacking, Compute and storage installation, Cluster formation etc. as per the best practices and keeping consideration of best performance delivery to the application.

Validate this with OEM for the infrastructure benchmarking result.

Softenger specialist migrated the complete virtual infrastructure over the WAN with Hyper-V Replication and used always on + log Shipping for SQL sync and maintain this replication for the failover till Complete DC is not Live.

Implemented the UTM by keeping the consideration of Cybersecurity and maximum throughput with minimal business impact.


The outcome of this project was the successful migration of the Live IT infrastructure and applications to a hosted data center solution.

All required IT services were successfully migrated within the required timeframe, which allowed the business to progress complete move on time.

The resulting new data center systems have allowed this customer to reduce their energy consumption by reducing the number of servers through virtualization, upgrading assets to newer more energy efficient solutions.

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