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People grow best when they feel important and accredited to believe in themselves. So, at Softenger, you will enjoy an enthusiastic work culture while creating a difference! If you are looking for a rewarding career and wanting to enrich your abilities as a technology expert, then there may be a place for you at Softenger, send us your resume at

Employee Testimonials

Life at Softenger

Imagine you are driving down a long winding road, it is a smooth ride but what makes it soothing is the line of lovely green trees along the road. The view refreshes you and even tempts you to stop and take a breather, smell the flowers, and recharge your batteries. Life at Softenger is like this smooth ride, all of us know the destination and the road we need to take, but we ensure our teams enjoy the journey as well.

  • Enthusiastic Work Culture

We love to explore and learn new technology, new processes and new methods that help us deliver better service to our customers. Open communication, transparent HR process, collaborative teamwork, effective career progression are elements that define our culture.

Quarterly open house sessions (Samvad) are conducted at each site to establish a uniform understanding of company policies and process. These are face-2-face interactions in which an employee is free to raise any concerns, issues, grievances for redressal.

Event’s like quizzes, games, fun activities, birthday & festive celebrations (Utsah), family day and annual Kshitij event, strengthen unity in our diverse workforce and help break monotony at work. Wellness sessions, Dental & Eye checkups, First Aid training camps are scheduled periodically to improve awareness and help maintain the well-being of our staff.

  • Motivation, Recognition, Professional and Personal Enhancements

Our rewards and recognition program offer’s opportunities to show your talent/contributions to both our customer as well as our management team. Your ability to identify root causes, get beyond treating symptoms, demonstrate a curiosity to learn rapidly, have the courage to say what you think, will help you shine in your peer group.

Meet over coffee session gives you direct access to the management team. These sessions allow an exchange of ideas as well as discussions around your personal/professional development.

One-on-one sessions (Duologue) provide a mechanism to engage in two-way conversation with an employee. It helps increase employee’s confidence and gives an employee a platform to express their views on developments in the company

  • Diverse Workforce

Being an MNC, we have people from various regions giving us a good flavour of ethnic as well as cultural diversity. Exposure to new cultures, ideas and perspectives, can help each person to intellectually reach out and have a clearer insight into their place in the global environment. Communication improves when our staff understands local culture and custom’s that are specific to a customer’s region.

  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

An employee value proposition (EVP) is the unique set of benefits which an employee receives in return for the skills, capabilities and experience they bring to a company. An EVP is about defining the essence of your company - how it is unique and what it stands for. It defines the USP’ of an organisation and encourage people to align their efforts with organizations goals .It leads employees to feel proud and motivated to work.

CSR Activities at Softenger


Softenger willingly contributes to a social improvement of the society in which we function and have taken many initiatives that makes a difference in the communities. As a responsible organization, we believe in giving back to the society by serving our resources and skills and forming a healthy and coherent society through concentrated support and collaboration. We pledge promise to social growth through our good governance and truthful business doings.
Our direction in corporate responsibility and supportable eminence is determined by a confidence and keen approach that understands:

Environment Sustainability

We have a noble and profound understanding of our effect on the environment. and reduce those impacts

  • We build employee awareness on crucial issues like cleanliness drive where we go and put our attention on cleaning and keeping the hygiene in different areas of the city.
  • We care for the air we breathe. Therefore, we have an “Adopt a Tree” initiative where we care and preserve the environment. This approach of our has made an important effort towards planting more than hundreds of trees inside and outside the organization locations. Our paperless HRMS system follows E-documentation and lessens the consumption of paper in the organization.
  • At Softenger, we strongly believe in consuming renewable resources and every single step to save our nature. Every drop of water is worth more than a diamond. Therefore, in our office premises, we have created a harvesting facility to store the rainwater.
  • We have our own arrangement of the solar system to consume the electricity in the daily work cycle.
  • We also have a go-green initiative which follows E-waste standards and element & recycles the existing electronic components.



At organization, we all strongly believe education has the power of transforming the society lives. Therefore, we choose to support social change through education. We contribute to uplift the underprivileged faction of the society.

We aid to the source of giving financial support to the NGO’s (SWADHAR/Akshardeep) who run education centers for underprivileged children which are not able to complete their basic education due to several reasons.

Give Blood- Save Lives

Healthcare services have been challenged to combat the lack of blood donations for many years. To overcome this challenge, we organize blood donation drive and support hospitals and blood banks to tackle the blood shortage issues.


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