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Data Migration to the Cloud

Are you struggling to move your data to the cloud? Here is what you should do while planning your Data Migration to the Cloud ⇒ Watch our Video Get in touch with us Cloud Computing is highly emerging and digital transformation can be implemented with the help of migrating your current IT Infrastructure to the cloud. As current time, Cloud Migration is an accepted strategy for most organizations and additionally, there are multiple tools to perform workload migration. There are some key considerations you need to address to ensure a successful migration. 1. Get to know why you want to ...
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Remote Support Services for IT Infrastructure during COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID 19 Crisis: Mandatory shift to remote work We at Softenger are here to help businesses keep running during this COVID 19 Crisis overcoming any challenges with the remote operations. Softenger can set up IT infrastructure that keeps your employees connected without sacrificing security. Watch our video Get in touch with us The COVID 19-pandemic is compelling every company, small or big to have its staff work from home. High tech companies already have remote infrastructure in place. It is the mid-size and small enterprises who face a challenge of keeping services on without sacrificing employee safety and data security ...
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How to ensure smooth business operations through concrete BCP in situation like current COVID-19 pandemic?

Stay safe and healthy while keeping your business running smoothly under COVID-19 Are you ready with BCP: Business Contingency Plan during this pandemic. We are and we can help you too! Watch our Video Overview Challenges Services The benefits Get in Touch Overview The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus has impacted the World in several ways. As of March 19, 2020, 2 lakhs+ cases have been reported to WHO and more than 8000 people have lost their lives worldwide. This biological disaster has also hurt severely the economy of many countries and organizations. To contain the hazard countries have set down ...
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Migration of Data Centres

Successful Migration of Data Centers with Minimal Downtime

Know How Softenger has Helped a Globally Leading Healthcare Company to Migrate their Data Centers with Minimal Downtime A leading Health Care Company has taken the decision to revamp their IT Infrastructure considering the future business demand and expansion of the business. Problem Statement Consolidate and migrate Data Centers from one location to other due to restructuring of IT Infrastructure. Client Challenge Statement Our Client is an international healthcare service provider. As a part of the client’s IT strategy, they wanted to move their workload to another location. Our Client was looking for an impartial trusted partner to help them ...
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automation solutions

Automation Solutions

IT Automation Solutions powered by Machine Learning Watch our Video We are in the era of technical transformation and Automation is the key to enable technical transformation. IT Process Automation is the fundamental requirement to meet the objective of technical transformation. The vital goal behind this technical upgrade is to increase productivity, efficiency, speed and quality, resulting in higher competitiveness. IT Operations are extremely resource intensive, are 24x7, need to be seamless and always available to customers. With the rise in complexity and the sheer number of technology products that one finds in a mature IT stack, IT Process Automation / ...
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applicant tracking system

Applicant Tracking System

Talent acquisition management is a specialized skill that makes difference in the today’s competitive business world. Sourcing right candidate with right skills is no more a simple job. Recruiters today need to be innovative, resourceful and efficient in finding the talent required. Therefore, organizations are putting extra efforts and being focused to attempt and attract right talents. For doing so, organizations need right software or tools that will provide an edge over its competitors and improve efficiency of its entire recruitment process. Softenger being part of this IT industry for last two decades and is having an expertise in providing quality ...
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Software Testing Services

"Committed and Consistent Software Testing Center" Softenger has substantial experience in Software Testing and we have been investing to build and deliver complete quality control in each phase of your product development and implementation. Our professional QA engineers have core competencies across industries. Application/Product Development is half the challenge but delivering it to the customer with quality assurance and minimal defects is an achievement of Softenger. As a part of Softenger’s software testing service, we take complete responsibility of your project and provide a comprehensive suite of quality testing services with the use of various methodologies such as performance testing, ...
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Future Cloud Computing Trends that you should know today

Cloud Computing has provided Big Data with a manner to store and recover a vast amount of information. It has advanced from personal cloud storage to complete organizations migrating all their data to the cloud. Even though the Cloud has fetched so many advantages, higher organizations are still tentative to transfer their information to the cloud, and that is mainly because of security concerns. But, even with the security worries, the acceptance of Cloud services endures to rise due to the greater usage of cloud-based services together with mobility, increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, streamlined alliance, and haste of connectivity. To achieve ...
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What is the Need of Data Center Capacity Planning and How to Do It?

Currently, the cost alternatives and flexibility provided by modern technologies such as internal and external cloud computing, virtualization and diverse types of cloud-based solutions is offering IT infrastructure expert, a range of platforms for functioning a business; service or an application. This substitutes the goal of capacity planning and thus the framework of planning capacities. It is no longer just a method aimed at calculating hardware requirements; it is the key to sensing and optimizing the budget of running enterprise services through the choice of a specific platform. The affordability of solution means that organizations must access to faster and ...
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10 Features of Dell EMC Data Domain

A Dell EMC Data Domain is a data deduplication storage system. This development began with the founding of Data Domain and has since then continued with the company’s acquisition by EMC Corporation and later on EMC merged with Dell to form Dell EMC. Below are the 10 features of Dell EMC Data Domain that you should be knowing It's Fast The backup speed is up to 68 TB/hr of Dell EMC Data Domain Stream-Informed Segment Layout (SISL) and Dell EMC Data Domain Boost technology. This is 1.5 times faster than the closest competitor. Data protection It is always a better ...
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