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IT Automation Solutions powered by Machine Learning

We are in the era of technical transformation and Automation is the key to enable technical transformation. IT Process Automation is the fundamental requirement to meet the objective of technical transformation. The vital goal behind this technical upgrade is to increase productivity, efficiency, speed and quality, resulting in higher competitiveness.

IT Operations are extremely resource intensive, are 24x7, need to be seamless and always available to customers. With the rise in complexity and the sheer number of technology products that one finds in a mature IT stack, IT Process Automation / Orchestration platforms are the solution.

Overview of Softenger IT Automation Solution

Softenger has partnered with Ayehu NG, an intelligent IT Automation and Orchestration platform built for the Technical Era. This allows us to offer IT Process Automation as a key differentiator; and drive technology to optimally meet our customer needs.

Solutioning the best IT Process Automation services, our teams can efficiently eliminate labor-intensive manual interactions, provide consistent and reliable response to IT Infrastructure needs.

Softenger’s Automation Solutions accelerate your IT Process Automation & Robotic Process Automation journey by providing a logical entry point. Using our IT Process Automation services, businesses can eliminate effort spent on repetitive tasks, improve accuracy, solve problems quickly, improve SLAs and easily scale operations.

We assist you to create, implement and manage the automation of manual tasks enterprise wide. A business can automate its processes and improve performance significantly, irrespective to its size and nature.

Softenger’s Automation Solution is powered by Machine Learning Algorithms. These Algorithms are so powerful that they can deliver IT and Security Operations efficiently through web 3.0 platform. This is the best tool to save time on manual and monotonous activities. It also allows to maintain the maximum control over the IT Infrastructure and its operation management.

Softenger will easily deploy the tool which will allow you to automate your redundant activities rapidly. It will also automate the interoperability across diverse solutions and systems. This tool is one stop shop for automating your IT Infrastructure Operations and Security.

Softenger’s Offerings for IT Automation Solution

Automation of IT Operations Management

Automation of repetitive and routine IT tasks can reduce downtime, ultimately improving the Incident Management Processes. Softenger using Automation tool provides an automation platform that can drastically reduce event handling time and improve the incident escalation process. The Automation solution by Softenger is capable of automating technical tasks in any variety of technology platforms from compute (windows, unix), database platforms, physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Below are few of the sample use cases:

Service Restart Automation

How many times have you restarted a service remotely, just because of the changes on application configuration files? How many services have crashed simply due to lack of system memory? These events can be easily handled by Automation tool through pre-programmed workflows and eliminate human intervention.

SQL Query Automation

Do you first execute SQL queries to extract data for IT or business use and then email the result? Instead of becoming a gateway for simple and time-consuming activities, automation can prove to be faster, precise and accurate than the manual process in data handling.

Log Monitoring Automation

Automation tool by Softenger is capable of monitoring events and messages from critical applications based on specific rules. This tool can monitor an event log and then send alert as soon as the specified event is triggered. With the help of this tool, provisions can be made to monitor number of hosts and event logs for network and system, get notified immediately along with the action required to be taken automatically.

Automation of IT Service Management

If we manage to arrange for a support tier that can handle repetitive activities and manual processes, without any human intervention? With Softenger Automation Solutions, communication with ITSM platforms like ServiceNow is very easy, so is creating tickets and tracking their status. Below are few of the sample use cases:

Password Reset for Active Directory

As per Gartner, nearly to 40% of service desk call volume is solely for password reset. Automating this can reduce huge amount of burden from service desk. Softenger automation process can enable users to reset their passwords quickly, securely and without help desk intervention.

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding any new employee for any organization is a time-consuming process. For large organizations, it is a tedious job. On the other hand, new employee face delay due to workload, backlogs or staffing deficiencies. Entire onboarding process can be initiated and completed faster through Automation Process. Automation can help eliminate delays and ensure better allocation of resources.

Automation of Security Operations (SOC)

Security threats are on the rise. Diverse security products focus on different aspects of network security. Reacting effectively to security alerts, instant and timely response is of paramount importance. With Softenger’s Automation tool configured to react to security alerts, organizations can guarantee response times and measure high on compliance in the IT security space. Now if a security alert comes in, the team can take immediate action, thanks to the reliable and precise information Automation tool can provide to the right audience at the right time. Below are few of the sample use cases:

IT to Security Data Enrichment

IT Systems contain the treasure of useful data for security use cases, however data sharing between these IT systems and Security is often limited and slow. We automate responses to typical IT security scenarios, and eliminates manual responses to request tickets, and wasted time waiting for data.

Security Systems Validation

We can automate testing of security systems periodically to make sure they work and are up-to-date.

Compliance/Audit Controls

Compliance and internal audit controls consume a lot of precious time of your employees. Manually implemented controls are harder to audit, depleting yet more resources and potentially leading to audit findings. We can help automate repetitive control activities and drive control consistency for easier audits and fewer findings.

Automation of Cloud Management

Customers are consuming our tool to automate manual IT tasks and workflows across physical, virtual and cloud-based systems. The automation tool workflows rapidly move systems from your on-premise data center to the cloud. Below are few of the sample use cases:

Automate VMware Snapshot

Our integration with VMware allows administrators to take multiple VMware snapshots of any number of servers – automatically and at any time. Schedule the VMware snapshot workflow to run at any required time and interval, or run it on demand using SMS, email or a self-service portal.

Extend and Enhance Cloud Environment

Our IT process automation and orchestration platform are designed to automate manual IT tasks and workflows across physical, virtual and cloud-based systems. Using a simple-to-use drag-and-drop designer, automate service and infrastructure provisioning, change requests, support services, user management, alerting and more.

Shutdown Remote Computers

We drastically reduce electricity costs of multiple network-connected workstations and servers by automating remote computer shutdown, standby or hibernate modes. The tool automated workflow can be scheduled to run on a regular basis at a specific time of day and enforce energy savings during off-hours.

Approach for Automation Process Implementation:

Process Analysis

Understanding the physical processes and its function is extremely important. Accurate understanding of the business use-case can enable teams to develop the best solutions and accomplish correct outcomes.

Establishing a Process Document

Missing documentation for the existing process may lead to misinterpretation of requirements. This can also have impact on the automation process. A simple step of noting down all the standard and repetitive task for the process could have massive positive impact on outcome.

Supporting Team to Adapt to Automation

Understanding the physical processes and its function is extremely important. Accurate understanding of the business use-case can enable teams to develop the best solutions and accomplish correct outcomes.

Required to Concentrate on Fixed Objectives

It is important to communicate the organizations goals clearly with everyone involved. This allows everyone to focus on the way forward, gain efficiency and deliver more value to the organization.

Automate and Prioritize

The analysis phase will likely throw up many use-cases for automation. It is important to prioritize the use-cases by the impact they have on the organization. The impact is generally in terms of reduced effort, improved accuracy, improved compliance and reduction in errors/failures.

Give a Thought to Long-term Solution

During the planning and implementation of automation process organizations should have long term goal. The solution design should be capable of growing and allowing for future changes based on business process changes.

Dynamic in Nature

Companies should be able to respond to the changes in environment. This can be achieved only if the process is quick to implement and easy to adapt. Many processes and decisions can be automated so that, results can be achieved faster.

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