Applicant Tracking System

applicant tracking system

Talent acquisition management is a specialized skill that makes difference in the today’s competitive business world. Sourcing right candidate with right skills is no more a simple job. Recruiters today need to be innovative, resourceful and efficient in finding the talent required. Therefore, organizations are putting extra efforts and being focused to attempt and attract right talents. For doing so, organizations need right software or tools that will provide an edge over its competitors and improve efficiency of its entire recruitment process.

Softenger being part of this IT industry for last two decades and is having an expertise in providing quality IT and Application Support services for its worldwide customers. We know the importance of recruitment function to any organization as it is key driving element that decides its growth path and success over market competition.

Softenger has come up with, “TalentOrb”, the smart Applicant Tracking System which is built on experience and needs of recruitment function to be efficient and productive. It is designed to provide best recruitment experience and resolve complexities, challenges faced in overall process. It provides complete recruitment process lifecycle management from requisition creation to candidate selection till candidate on-boarding.

  • Applicant Tracking System

Optimize and streamline your entire recruitment process with TalentOrb that has everything you need. Bring entire team on-board and make informed & data-driven decisions.

  • Vendor Management

Assign work and monitor vendor performance with Vendor module. It helps organisation to control cost overruns, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased service value from its vendors.

  • Offer & BGV Management

Manage entire HR interview and Offer process. Take right hiring decisions and comply to background verification norms with BGV management.

  • HR Documentation

Simplified process for HR documentation enabling better governance when organisation on-boards the candidate.

What TalentOrb Offers?

Why TalentOrb?



Simplified Workflow

  • Easy-to-operate
  • Enables users to decide next action
  • Accelerates the entire recruitment process
  • Captures all stages of recruitment process
  • Smart Segmentation of roles works and priorities within various function

Analytically-driven Dashboard

  • Enables users to decide next action
  • Helps individual and managers in making a real-time data-driven decision
  • Display simplified Trends & reports based on historical data
  • User-friendly dashboards give the user a holistic view of essential metrics

Profile Bank

  • Reduced dependency on job-boards
  • Build your referral/source profile pool
  • Fast retrieval of profiles by using a specific keyword search

Enhanced in-built communication

  • Reduced conflicts due to effective communication
  • Lessens process conflicts & delays
  • Aims for synchronized recruitment efforts
  • Interview scheduling and feedback sharing
  • Customized email notifications Documentation

Fully-configurable, customizable & scalable

  • Modular Design
  • Simplified configuration, flexibility for customization
  • On-premise or on the Cloud solution available
  • Document management Our TalentOrb serves you the superior recruitment experience and better returns on your investments.

Our TalentOrb serves you the superior recruitment experience & better returns on your investments.


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