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Hiring is a very niche process that every company follows. Some companies set up their own process or may follow a step wise process. Thanks to the availability of great technology, recruitment processes have been made easier. Initially, when technology was not available the companies defined their own recruitment process. There are many traditional processes like giving ads in newspapers where candidates would courier their documents on the address mentioned or they may directly visit the premises of the company. The other method can be by giving a call to the candidate and inviting him for the face to face interview.  While the candidate is appearing for the face to face interview he may have ‘n’ number of interview rounds or it may just be 2-3 rounds depending on the company. Now, thanks to the online job portals we can search for qualified candidates with just a click.

How does a recruitment process initiate?

A company or the stakeholder of any team within the company raises an opening with a JD to the HR. The HR starts head hunting for the right candidate by posting the jobs on the various job portals. They may call the candidate, or the candidate may apply to the opening. Then the required procedure is done like taking a check on the skills and calling down for the face to face rounds where the salary and communications are all checked upon. Once the manager and the HR are sure about the candidate they send across the offer to the candidate and hire the right talent.

How has Softenger modernized this process?

Softenger understood all the petty issues that they faced in their recruitment. On identifying them they made all the processes inline and developed a system which would help them easily. We came up with a smart Applicant Tracking System called as ‘TalentOrb – Simplified Recruitment Solution’ which is built on experience and needs of recruitment function to be efficient and productive. This product has an end-to-end recruitment process.

Why should you be opting for TalentOrb?

Here are a few reasons why you should be opting for TalentOrb:

  • Having a simplified work process
  • Analytically-driven Dashboards & Report
  • Profile Bank
  • Enhanced in-built communication
  • Fully-configurable, customizable, & scalable

Benefits of TalentOrb

  • Here, are some of the benefits that the organization can benefit from the smart ATS
  • 40% increase in recruitment efficiency
  • 50% reduction in resource tracking efforts
  • ‘Zero’ document management cost
  • 50% reduction in the cost of hiring
  • 80% reduction in conflicts.

This application tracking system is something that you should be implementing in your organization so that you can ease out the recruitment process. All you need to do is set up a demo process to know more about this product.  For details connect with us on www.softenger.com/talent-orb-application/.

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