About Softenger

Softenger was incorporated in August 1999. We are an ISO 9001, ISO 27001 certified entity and are compliant to EICC norms. We have our presence in India, Singapore and Malaysia. We serve our clients and offer them services and solutions in IT Infrastructure Management Services, Software Testing Services, Application development & Support and IT Process automation.

At Softenger, we drive innovations, bring ideas, solution and services to life and advance the well-being of businesses around the globe. We strongly believe in client satisfaction, and that has led to continued success. Softenger is consistently well-known for its growth and expertise in IT industry. We admire our motto “Strive to excel”, to provide an exceptional value and delivering superior services to our business partners & not just their IT environment.

Softenger Vision

Softenger is committed to provide responsive, reliable and resourceful delivery of services and products using ethical business and employment practices.

Softenger Mission

Capture and reside in the minds of our customer by providing a unique and pleasant experience.

Softenger Values

We are known for:

  • Integrity in dealing with clients and employees
  • Passion for service excellence
  • Open Communication
  • Fast response to client and employee needs
  • Encourage Initiative and Innovation

Resulting in :

  • Recognition in banking and telecom sector
  • Partnership with most technology leaders
  • Excellent network of technical resources

Our Approach & Commitment


Our approach has always ensured a value creation in every service & solution we provide, which has fostered us to grow with our customers. We deliver IT services that provide exceptional value, assurance, innovation and integrity. Our clients have admired our focused and transparent approach towards work & our ability to deliver on SLAs, KPIs every time. We advise businesses in an intricate information technology environment where companies are challenged to accomplish their own technology. Taking a "customer-first approach" we deliver consistently on the desirable results & we enjoy long-term relationships with our customers.

Softenger’s Key People

Our Clientele

Softenger has completed 20 years

20 Years of Success

Softenger has more than 40 clients

40+ Clients

1000 plus employees

1000+ Employees

4 countries are target market UAE, Singapore, Malaysia and India

3 Countries