Heading towards the Digital Revolution is not just the transformation but to adapt to the potential technologies, organizations mandatorily must be competent enough to survive the digital flood. Reviving the existing technologies, Softenger assures quality with it’s unique & micro-researched Governance Testing Model which is an exclusive platform that is capable to create a remarkable transformation in the IT enterprise world. Our Governance Testing model ensures better control and transparency throughout the software testing life cycle.

What exactly we do?
Softenger act as the end-to-end strategic IT/ testing partner. We would consider your ongoing IT projects with existing vendors (3rd party or in-house) and ensure that

  • continuous cost (being raised on current Change Requests (CRs) for the existing project) is reduced substantially
  • while ensuring a corresponding increase in quality of the deliverable
  • through unique test techniques and process improvement models of Softenger which will be customized to your needs

We would work as the Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) and Project governance (Process improvement) based on pre-defined quality improvement standards and ensure that the IT delivery is improved, wastages are identified and well mitigated.

Why Believe us?
To mitigate the evolving daily digital challenges and data security, eventually leading to retain customer belief, we strive to provide value in your enterprise application to trickledown effect on your existing development, maintenance & support IT functions, leading to overall cost benefits within your current IT set up.

Our highly advanced techniques and well qualified team will ensure a continuous quality and process improvement which considers unique customer requirement and embed it with Softenger’s improvement model to deliver an end to end process and quality improvement initiative.

  • S - Strategize: We define the Vision & Mission, understand critical requirements, create project charter.
  • T - Take Action:We design the Process flow through SIPOC, Flow chart, identify the Value adds, create the time series & control charts.
  • I - Inquire: We measure the process evolution through Fish bone analysis, Cause and effect matrix, Pareto chart, & RCA.
  • M - Modify: For continuous improvement, we create the Action tracker, Standard Operating Procedure, Dashboard & Kaizen.

Cost-Quality Differentiator
We have a cost-quality differentiator which would enable you to be a cost leader in the market segment while ensuring the quality of the deliverable, defined and measured on a pre-agreed scale.

We are keen to assist you to be the Test Center of Excellence using Softenger Test Efficiency Techniques (STET), that would sideline the traditional manual testing approaches and trigger your application usability that would be well automated. We will take care of your entire Software Life Cycle Testing, no matter where we start from.

Cost-Quality Differentiator

What we got for you?

  • Testing Partner
    We offer an end-to-end testing partnership, coordinate testing for the marked project, manage the partner’s vendors, share accountability and act as the primary quality gate at User Acceptance Test (Alpha Testing) before business our client performs the final UAT (Beta Testing).

  • Independent Test Managed Services
    We take ownership of specified test activities or combinations of test activities such as test case design or test case design and execution or test planning and coordination.

  • Test Center of Excellence
    Our major objective is to provide continuous process improvements which will help our clients to minimize the ROI due to standardization of processes, supports in providing the right product at the first time and minimize time to market.