Engagement Models
Engagement Models
Engagement Models

Information Technology has become backbone of every industry today. In prevailing large enterprise world, if organisations fail to take advantages of IT innovations, it may lead to disaster. Emphasis on cost reduction and operational efficiencies using technological innovations translates in to constant changing needs of IT requirements of any organisation. Multiple projects are taken up in Legacy application development, Purchase & implementations of Third Party applications, infrastructure revamping etc. based on business needs and the success or failure of businesses many times depends upon completion of such projects in given time lines.

Though every organisation maintains certain pool of IT consultants, it’s impossible to maintain in-house pool of resources with required skills sufficient enough to take and complete such projects besides regular operational support required to be done on an ongoing basis.

Most of the companies choose to hire contract staff to take up such project work or may decide to entirely outsource the project as fixed scope project.

Various engagement models have been evolved while servicing our customers over past two decades based on their needs, organisational constraints or strategies. Softenger thus have managed successful deployment of their staff with in those constraints be it as on site deployments as Staff augmentation (Typical T&M Type engagement) or through service bundles for fixed price or be it as managed services type completely SLA driven engagement.

You may visit specific type of engagement models listed for further details.

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