We are partnered with Percipient Partner Pte Ltd a Singapore based FinTech company and provide their product and solutions to our clients.

“UniConnect” is one of its kind, innovative product, designed to deliver connectivity regardless of “source, type or volume at ultra-speed”. UniConnect platform is designed to unify data in a highly scalable and seamless manner, by building on the organization’s existing tools, processes and skills. It enables organizations to meet their most pressing data challenges, including those of cost and efficiency while ensuring that they are ready for opportunities that big data can bring.

UniConnect Advantage

  • Seamless Deployment: UniConnect is built to provide flexibility and offers seamless deployment, regardless of source, type or volume, at ultra-high speed.
  • Data management: It eliminates the need for the deployment of a separate system to house data that is continually expanding and costing organizations several hundred dollars to maintain.
  • Scalable Architecture: UniConnect data architecture is capable of being ‘scaled-out’ rather than ‘scaled-up’, thereby enabling large amounts of data to be processed without an associated rise in costs.
  • Data Retrieval: The term “UniConnect” indicates that the data is processed more efficiently, and more data is ready for use without the need of any new skills or tolls. This platform ensures that the data is retrieved from the source rather than a local cache in the event of a system fault or system crash.
  • Administrative Ease: UniConnect’s admin portal easily tracks all queries, processes and functions.
  • Pro -Digitalization: UniConnect supports digitization by helping enterprises avail of its benefits, rather than be penalized for their data growth.

Key Functionalities:

Operational Efficiency

  • Unifies data across multiple sources without copying
  • Gives direct access to HDFS/Hive
  • Supports in-memory processing
  • Data compression and access to compressed data
  • Cloud based deployment for each LOB, if required
  • Scale-out Data Storage
  • Scalable and expandable using commodity machines
  • Extensible licensing model

Data Security

  • User restricted access
  • Maintains the user authorization of the underlying platforms
  • Admin user interface is supportive of audit protocols


  • Able to integrate real time messages with structured & unstructured data
  • Reads real-time URL data (JSON format)

User Engagement Reporting & Advanced Analytics

  • Supports SQL queries
  • Exposes APIs for external reporting applications
  • Integrated with Spark for processing power, machine learning algorithms and graph computations
  • Connectivity with R statistical computing and graphics environment
  • Data retrieval and ability to create tables from unified data