Softenger is celebrating 22nd Foundation Day

Perks to experience with Softenger

We have been supporting the IT Infrastructure of our clients for over two decades. We do it all over India, Singapore and Malaysia.

We have a single goal - to improve returns from our client's IT infrastructure and provide efficient and effective operation 24*7

Consult and implement security, integrity and availability measures. Advise and implement projects like disaster recovery, transition to the new setup, etc.

Think as well as implement ways of reducing costs while maintaining high service levels all the time.

You will find our services responsive, reliable and resourceful. And our business and employment practice ethical.

Our Service Offerings

Applicant Tracking System


We take the burden of finding, inducting, training (to cover gaps in skills) to provide competent people to manage your IT infrastructure.



Our training division will tailor and deliver skills upgrade course for your staff and enhance your productivity



Our IT Process Automation aims to reduce recurrent costs, establish high, unvarying service levels and minimize human intervention.



We have planned and implemented Disaster Recovery planning and execution, Transition to another location / different infrastructure

Our Product

Cloud-based Applicant Tracking System

TalentOrb is an advanced all-in-one application tracking system (ATS) that helps streamline recruitment by using role-based dashboards that allow users to focus on the most critical tasks. As a recruiting solutions provider, we have been providing solutions to businesses of all sizes. From the start, we have worked on creating a simple and intuitive experience for recruiters.

Our vision for TalentOrb has consistently been validated by our customers, who are now using TalentOrb. Our goal at TalentOrb is to help recruiters become more efficient. With simple controls and an improved process,

Here are some of our key features :

  • Client-based email templates.
  • Resume parsing (bulk or otherwise).
  • Dynamic and configurable data-entry fields for candidate data and requisition data.
  • Dynamic and configurable workflow to match your existing process.
  • Seamless collection of documents from a candidate.
  • Role-based access control.
  • Paperless documentation with e-Sign/Digital signatures.
  • Social media integration.
  • Job-board integration.
  • Vendor management module.
  • Background verification module.
  • API-based integration with HRMS system.

The main dashboard allows you to get a snapshot of the most important things going on with your recruitment process, whether it's metrics about candidate reach or the number of applicants for specific job roles.

The product is available in two variants:

  1. Contingent workforce management version for recruitment agencies and staffing companies.
  2.  Enterprise version for all organizations that wish to manage their hiring lifecycle

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Softenger has completed 20 years

20 Years of Success

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1000+ Employees

4 countries are target market UAE, Singapore, Malaysia and India

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